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Introductory Offer

Massage Mend Me in Brookfield, CT has many special offers for you. For more details, feel free to contact us.


$10 OFF Signature Treatment(new clients only)

Call us today to schedule as appointment. Openings and times are limited, appointment only, mention code: “new clients”

  • Custom
  • Eastern and Western Techniques
  •  Save $10
  • Deeply Release Chronic Muscle Tension
  • Ease Fatigue 
  • Balance the Body and Mind


$150.00/hr Couple Massage

save $10

Call us today to schedule as appointment openings and times are limited, appointment only, mention code: “new clients”

Foot Reflexology Specials:

Do you have swollen, aching feet after a long, hard day? Try our feet reflexology specials!

  • $40.00 for 30-Minute Foot Reflexology

  • $58.00 for 45-Minute Foot Reflexology
  • $85.00 for 30-Minute Reflexology + 30-Minute Table Massage (Focus on Whole Back, Gluteus, and Legs)
  • $85.00 for 30-Minute Reflexology + 30-Minute Chair Massage (Focus on Head, Neck, and Upper Shoulder)

Note: All promotions can’t be combined with other offer. Available for those who schedule an appointment and accepted it the same day and mentioned the code: “Website” to get the deal.


What Is Foot Reflexology and It Benefits?

Discover how helpful foot reflexology is for you. Visit this page to read the article.

What Is Chinese Reflexology?

Learn more about Chinese Reflexology by visiting this page

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